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Volmeyer Photography

Maurice Volmeyer has been a professional photographer for more than 25 years. Specialized in (historic) motorsports, motorcyle and car photography, he also enjoys travelling around the world making portraits, culinary stories and dedicated commercial work.

Apart from producing editorial feature stories on unique cars of any shape and size, Maurice also creates bespoke limited edition coffee table books, magazines or portfolios for owners or of historic (race) cars. Working either from a portable studio, indoors at the owner’s premises or on the road, these products are a unique way of celebrating the beauty of historic cars, of the designers that created the, the engineers who built them, the drivers that raced them and the people that adored them.

Maurice’s creative approach to his work, his ability to work at a fast pace and his knack for creating unique visual stories has been recognised around the world. His automotive work has been published in many leading magazines worldwide, including Octane (UK), Automobilismo d’Epocha (Italy), Klassiken (Sweden), GTO Magazine and Carros (Netherlands) and Japanese Performance Car (Japan). His commercial work includes photography for Lexus, Porsche, Kia and Toyota.

If you are interested in obtaining a book, portfolio or magazine about your own (historic) car, or would like to know more about Maurice’s commercial work, please contact.

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